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Below are age appropriate videos to help our children stay safe.

All school districts in Illinois offer safe environment training to students.  The Archdiocese of Chicago also offers safe environment training to school and RE students.

Parents, please watch these videos with your children.  Your children need assurance that you will always listen to their concerns.

Kidzsmart Videos - 1st-5th Grade
Called to Protect - 3-part Videos for 6-8th Grade

The Kidzsmart Video was compiled and narrative by the Nevada schools.  It combines narration with animated scenarios in a friendly and non-threatening way.

Called to Protect is created by Praesidiium. These videos address the way sexual predators attract and groom children. Along with the narration are testimonies from victims and perpetrator of child sexual assault. 

Part 1 explores personal boundaries and methods groomers us to exploit children

Part 2 demonstrates some of the ways children can use to get out of harmful situations.

Part 3 encourages and demonstrates ways for children to disclose abusive situations and receive help.

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